God’s compassion for you is central to the gift of Christmas


If God wanted to simply tell us a message of give us an example, he could have sent someone else.  The one thing he could do by coming to us, is to be with us in our suffering. In other words, he has compassion on you; he wants to be with you in what we’re going through. Christmas and in fact, the whole of the gospel can be explained in these terms.  God comes to be with us.

Compassion is central to how God approaches us – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (even if they claim to be Christian). The cross tells us that there is no limit to God’s compassion – i.e. he is with us no matter what we’re going through.  He never says, “That’s enough!  From here on, you’re on your own.”

I look back to the end of 2015, where this became much clearer to me at a men’s retreat. I had moved from India about 1.5 yrs earlier and had become more aware of various anxieties and fears in my heart. Hearing about and experiencing God’s compassion helped me shift in my heart from the unrealistic desire of no longer having any feelings of anxiety and fear to the desire to better accepting & processing these feelings, by sitting together with Jesus in them and experiencing his compassion. It started me on a journey of deeper understanding, healing and freedom. Or in theological terms – salvation.

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This year, we have a rare occurrence, where Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday coincide. Some see these two occasions as competing and conflicting with one another. How can celebrating Valentine’s Day – which is often associated with special gifts and food – go together with Ash Wednesday – which is a day of fasting and abstinence? I would like to propose that this is actually a God-sent opportunity to give us a deeper insight about – and perhaps a bit of correction to – the beliefs we hold about each occasion. For both occasions call us to: Renewal in our journey to the destination of love.

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Today, I want to summarise the heart /disposition behind Jesus’ call to non-violent resistance – love for our enemies! It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but a radical call for all those who would follow Jesus – with his grace – all the way.