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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022

The week of Jan.18th-25th every year has been designated by many Christian churches as the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’, when we pray along with Jesus in John 17, that we will be one, as the Father & He are one.  The work of building unity between Catholics and other Christians can be a


Becoming honest in prayer

Very often when we talk of prayer, we think of polite conversation with God – saying the right words, the right formulas, in a certain tone of voice and so on. But prayer in the Bible is anything, but that. Just read the Book of Psalms for example, which is full of raw emotion expressed to God as prayer. This is because an important aspect of engaging with God from the heart in prayer, is learning to be honest with what’s coming up in our hearts. In today’s Bible reading, we find another example of honesty in prayer and hear how it’s also the place where we can find intimacy with God.


The longings of our heart

We’re all aware from time to time, of the deep longings of our heart – for love, significance, recognition, a sense of worth, belonging, freedom and so on. But what many of us are not aware of, are the ways in which the Bible speaks about this area. And how it’s such a crucial area of our hearts to which we need to pay attention, if we want to develop an intimate relationship with God.

About 'Kerygma'

Missions – A Core Calling of ‘Kerygma’

Recently, a Catholic couple who work with our organisation in a South Asian country, shared the following with me: “This year we went to my father-in-law’s home in the village. During the period of Christmas, we had a nice cultural program organized by the church. We had choral groups singing and also shared a meal


Step out in courageous love like the poor widow

If I take this step of obedience and give the little time, energy, money or material possession that God is calling me to give, will He take care of my needs?  Can I trust him to come through for me?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  The answer to this is a 100% ‘yes’,


Committing ourselves afresh to the journey towards freedom

Today the Catholic Church celebrates Ash Wednesday and the beginning of a fresh season of Lent, in preparation for the remembrance of Jesus’ Passion and the celebration of his Resurrection at Easter. Holy Week & Easter remind us of the great love of God, seen in Jesus’ birth, suffering, death and resurrection for us –


How did God come to exist?

Questions from kids about God From an 8-yr old boy: How did God come to exist? Here’s the quick answer: The question’s a really good one, because as we look around our world, everything comes to be. You came to be, I came to be. We ask, ‘When is your birthday?’ That’s the only way


Why ‘praying your desire’ works

Desires are yearnings or longings – they’re what our heart needs, to be whole. For example, the desire for freedom or worth or belonging or approval or recognition. And when you’re empty of one of them; when you don’t get it – like if you’ve been rejected all your life, and you’ve never received acceptance;


Why did God make bad germs?

Questions from kids about God From a 6-year-old boy: Why did God make bad germs? He’s asking why did God make bad germs – like viruses for example. Right now, we’re all dealing with that. We have this coronavirus and we wonder why would God have done this. Here’s one way maybe, to look at