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The longings of our heart

We’re all aware from time to time, of the deep longings of our heart – for love, significance, recognition, a sense of worth, belonging, freedom and so on. But what many of us are not aware of, are the ways in which the Bible speaks about this area. And how it’s such a crucial area of our hearts to which we need to pay attention, if we want to develop an intimate relationship with God.

Encountering Jesus through Desire Prayers

In this session, you will learn the principles behind forming ‘Desire Prayers’ and how to create your own. This will help you know how to bring your own desires to Jesus and encounter Him filling them; as well as begin to help others do the same.

Encountering Jesus in my Dreams About the Future

In this session, you will learn to find the longing of your heart under positive emotions, by working with your dreams about the future. And how you can then take that desire to Jesus and experience Him filling it.


Committing ourselves afresh to the journey towards freedom

Today the Catholic Church celebrates Ash Wednesday and the beginning of a fresh season of Lent, in preparation for the remembrance of Jesus’ Passion and the celebration of his Resurrection at Easter. Holy Week & Easter remind us of the great love of God, seen in Jesus’ birth, suffering, death and resurrection for us –


Why ‘praying your desire’ works

Desires are yearnings or longings – they’re what our heart needs, to be whole. For example, the desire for freedom or worth or belonging or approval or recognition. And when you’re empty of one of them; when you don’t get it – like if you’ve been rejected all your life, and you’ve never received acceptance;


What does it mean to ‘pray your desire’?

This week in the ‘Questions for Jesus’ e-course, we’ve been learning about what it means to ‘pray our desires’. We all have core psychological desires – for love, security, significance, belonging etc. And those desires influence the way I act, because I go after the things that I believe will fill my desires. For e.g.,