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Encountering Jesus leads to a Change of Heart

One of our most common change strategies, is to identify a behaviour /reaction /attitude where we want to change and use our will /try to make choices & decisions to change. This can and does work, in situations where your heart is aligned.

The idea is, you want the different parts of your heart pulling together. If you try to discipline yourself to not get angry in certain situations for example, the ‘mind’ level of your heart (self-discipline, rooted in the will) is probably pushing against an energy coming out of your identity or desire. Something in life is taking your desire, and you are responding angrily to the threat.

However, when discipline and desire fight, desire always wins. As Paul puts it, “I see in my members another law [desire] at war with the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin, which dwells in my members.”

The purpose of working with desires is to remove this twisted energy that works against what we want to do. When you don’t have to fight that uphill battle, when your desire and identity are in alignment with your will, then discipline has a fighting chance.

Join us at a FREE ‘Encountering Jesus’ session over Zoom on Saturday, Sept.25th (1 pm Kenya time; 3.30 pm Indian time; 8 pm Melbourne time), to discover more. The session will go for 1.5 hrs.

Please note that this is not a traditional Bible study or teaching course, where the teacher talks and the others listen. There’s only a very short input of around 10 mins in the whole 1.5 hrs. It’s more of a workshop, where the input is kept to a minimum, because the focus is not on learning concepts with our minds, but experiencing encounters in our hearts. It is an environment of sharing, learning and discovery, where participants are encouraged to share in the big group and small groups about how Jesus is speaking to and touching your  hearts. There’s time of discussion, as well as times of activation, where you get to practice what you’ve heard and seen – usually in small groups of 3-4 people.

To register, please click here: https://www.trybooking.com/BUJNB

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