The Gateway Project – Discipleship & Youth Ministry Training

YWAM Canberra, 76 Federal Hwy. Watson A.C.T. 2602 Australia YWAM Canberra 76 Federal Hwy., Watson, A.C.T.

Looking for some good training for 'youth work'?
Consider this YWAM training coming up next year in Canberra, which will be suitable for Catholics & other Christians interested in 'youth work'. YWAM has specialised in evangelising and discipling youth for the last 60 years and has much to offer in this area.

‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online


‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online is a series of 5 sessions designed to help couples build strong foundations for your future, by equipping you with the attitudes & practical skills you will need. It’s for any couple – whether you’re exploring marriage, living together, already engaged, or are newly-married for less than 2 years.