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Heart, Hope and Skills for a healthy couple relationship

In our training as Marriage Coaches, Marian & I learnt about the importance of the three ingredients of heart, hope and skills for healthy couple relationships. We’ve found it important to keep working in all three areas to grow in our own relationship. And in our work as ‘Marriage Coaches’, we encourage and help couples

‘The Marriage Course’ Online

‘The Marriage Course’ Online offers practical tools for couples wanting to build a strong marriage. Some come to invest in an already strong relationship; others come with a need to address specific challenges that they’re facing. You will watch a film about different aspects of marriage, broken up by times for discussion as a couple. And all your conversations are completely private; there’s no group work.

‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online

‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online is a series of 5 sessions designed to help couples build strong foundations for your future, by equipping you with the attitudes & practical skills you will need. It’s for any couple – whether you’re exploring marriage, already engaged or living together.