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‘The Marriage Course’ Online

‘The Marriage Course’ Online offers practical tools for couples wanting to build a strong marriage. Some come to invest in an already strong relationship; others come with a need to address specific challenges that they’re facing. Hundreds of thousands of couples have experienced a transformation in their relationship, as they’ve put these principles for showing love into practice.

You will watch a film about different aspects of marriage, broken up by times for discussion as a couple. And all your conversations are completely private; there’s no group work.

The course is based on Christian principles; yet designed for all couples – whether you have a faith background or not; whether you’re married or cohabiting. It will provide you with a date night experience in the comfort of your own home.

The seven sessions of the course cover topics that are essential for building a healthy marriage and living out the commitment of marriage on a daily basis:

– Strengthening Connection
– The Art of Communication
– Resolving Conflict
– The Power of Forgiveness
– The Impact of Family
– Good Sex
– Love in action

Join ‘The Marriage Course’ to discover how to love each other better. And not just stay together, but grow and thrive as a couple.

Led by: Cassius & Marian Soares

When: Saturdays 7 – 9 pm (AEST), May 1st to Jun.12th

Cost: $40 per couple for the entire course

To sign up, click here: https://www.trybooking.com/BQKAP

For more info, email us

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