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Growing in a Relationship of Mercy as couples

Through experiencing my wife’s love when I fail /least deserve it, has made me more grateful for our relationship, because it has taken away the fear of being punished /rejected for my failures. I also feel closer to her as a result. And it has helped me to become more merciful myself.


It’s Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It can be so much more!


What’s the difference between being righteous and self-righteous?

The word “righteous” has acquired some uncomfortable baggage in our times. It tends to be associated with self-righteousness, with an egotistical belief that one is better than those around them. But in the Bible, righteousness is deeply connected with love and mercy, together with moral uprightness. Today, as we approach Christmas, I reflect on Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, who beautifully demonstrates this quality of righteousness.


Becoming honest in prayer

Very often when we talk of prayer, we think of polite conversation with God – saying the right words, the right formulas, in a certain tone of voice and so on. But prayer in the Bible is anything, but that. Just read the Book of Psalms for example, which is full of raw emotion expressed to God as prayer. This is because an important aspect of engaging with God from the heart in prayer, is learning to be honest with what’s coming up in our hearts. In today’s Bible reading, we find another example of honesty in prayer and hear how it’s also the place where we can find intimacy with God.


The longings of our heart

We’re all aware from time to time, of the deep longings of our heart – for love, significance, recognition, a sense of worth, belonging, freedom and so on. But what many of us are not aware of, are the ways in which the Bible speaks about this area. And how it’s such a crucial area of our hearts to which we need to pay attention, if we want to develop an intimate relationship with God.

Foundations of Encounter Coaching

Create Real Transformation.
Get started in the exciting world of coaching with this polished and professional course on the coaching fundamentals. It’s a great set of communication and leadership skills for leaders, pastors, counsellors – anyone who wants to go beyond giving trite advice and learn to help others really change.

Encountering Jesus through Desire Prayers

In this session, you will learn the principles behind forming ‘Desire Prayers’ and how to create your own. This will help you know how to bring your own desires to Jesus and encounter Him filling them; as well as begin to help others do the same.

Encountering Jesus in my Dreams About the Future

In this session, you will learn to find the longing of your heart under positive emotions, by working with your dreams about the future. And how you can then take that desire to Jesus and experience Him filling it.

Questions for Jesus e-Course Sept.’21

Do you desire to grow in intimacy with Jesus and confidence in hearing his voice? This interactive, practical online course will deepen your heart-to-heart connection with Jesus and your understanding of the desires of your heart by teaching you how to pray from your desires.