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Encountering Jesus through Desire Prayers

God is much more interested in our relationship with Him, than what we are doing for Him. And yet so often the focus of our prayer has to do with the business of life and our prayers tend to have the word ‘do’ in them. For example, ‘God help me do this’; ‘Lord, what do you want me to do?’; ‘I’m sorry I did that’; ‘Would you show me what to do in the future?’ and so on.

Often, we want to hear from God about things that He’s not interested in speaking with us about, at the moment. No wonder we have a hard time hearing from Him! But He’s always interested in the romantic side of our relationship with him and filling the longings /desires of our heart. Do you want to learn more about ‘Encountering Jesus through Desire Prayers’?

Join us at a FREE ‘Encountering Jesus’ session over Zoom on Saturday, Sept.11th (1 pm Kenya time; 3.30 pm Indian time; 8 pm Melbourne time), to discover more. The session will go for 1.5 hrs.

Please note that this is not a traditional Bible study or teaching course, where the teacher talks and the others listen. There’s only a very short input of around 10 mins in the whole 1.5 hrs. It’s more of a workshop, where the input is kept to a minimum, because the focus is not on learning concepts with our minds, but experiencing encounters in our hearts. It is an environment of sharing, learning and discovery, where participants are encouraged to share in the big group and small groups about how Jesus is speaking to and touching your  hearts. There’s time of discussion, as well as times of activation, where you get to practice what you’ve heard and seen – usually in small groups of 3-4 people.

To register, please click here: https://www.trybooking.com/BUBCJ

Once you register, you will receive the Zoom link

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