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‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online – Oct.’22

‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ Online is a series of 5 online sessions designed to help couples build strong foundations for your future, by equipping you with the attitudes & practical skills you will need – like learning to communicate well, appreciating your differences, exploring beliefs & values, embracing commitment and building a healthy & supportive relationship. Together, we will watch a film about these topics over zoom, broken up by times for discussion as a couple. And all your conversations are completely private; there’s no group work.

It’s for any couple – whether you’re exploring the possibility of marriage, living together, already engaged, or are newly-married for less than 2 years. Whatever your current situation, the course gives you the opportunity to think about and invest in your long-term future. While based on Christian principles, it’s designed for all couples – whether or not you have a faith background. Many couples who don’t usually attend church have loved the course & found it highly beneficial to their relationship.

The 5 sessions that make up the course, cover key topics important for building a healthy marriage:

– Communication
– Conflict
– Commitment
– Connection
– Adventure

To get the most out of the course, you are also invited to individually fill out a couple survey before the course and meet with a married couple on team at the end of the course, to go through the results of your survey together. The survey is NOT a compatibility test; rather it will raise your awareness as a couple about issues that you will benefit from discussing, prior to marriage. You are free to start talking about the survey, as soon as you have both submitted your answers. And this can be helpful, as it begins to raise topics that will be covered on the course.

Join ‘The Exploring Marriage Course’ to build strong foundations for your life together. And not just stay together, but grow and thrive as a couple.

Led by: Tony & Agnes Loriente; Cassius & Marian Soares

When: Mondays 7.30-9.20 pm, Oct.31st – Nov.28th

For more info: email us

To sign up: click here

Watch a short video clip about the course here and read how other couples have experienced the course, below the video. 

N.B.: When this course is run in-person, a meal is part of the program, as mentioned in the video. But since this course is online, it will not include a meal. 

Here are some anonymous quotes from couples, about their experience from the last online course:

I absolutely loved the course and appreciate every part. It has opened my eyes, heart and mind more than before and I think it has helped us in our relationship.

The course is a good way to open up communication on topics that you would not normally talk about. Some key takeaways were positive communication strategies and how to create more of an openness in sensitive topics. It was a great idea to make it a date night – that added an extra element of excitement to the evening.

Something to definitely do if you are considering having a marriage which will last and will be meaningful. Helpful not only to the marriage but yourself too. It’s a good reminder for married couples too. Some key takeaways from the course were: Marriage needs work! The learning never stops!

It’s a great way to prepare for married life. Some key takeaways from the course were: conflict resolution, understanding more about how upbringing impacts our relationship, great tips and marriage life hacks.

I loved the course overall. It helps couples understand each other’s deeper values and reasons embedded within us. Some key takeaways from the course were: understanding how we have different upbringings and how that impacts our relationship; recognising that we have different ‘love languages’ – ways in which we express & feel loved.

To be honest there were several key takeaways from the course, but the one that will stick with me the most is how we deal with conflict – especially how we view it and respond to it. I like to be quiet and process it while my fiancé wants to talk about it. With the way the session was structured, we were able to have a very fruitful conversation on how we can meet each other halfway.

A course that is very helpful for couples who intend on getting married. Helps couples understand and work through possible challenges they may face as couples. It also teaches couples how to keep the love between them alive when they think it’s fading with time.