Interested in diving deeper into the Word of God?


If you would like to learn more about the Catholic faith as a Catholic or a Christian from another faith tradition, here’s two resources that you might want to consider:

‘The Bible in a Year’ podcast, is a great resource for Catholics who have never read through the whole Bible or are not in the habit of reading their Bibles. And if you from a church that grew out of the Reformation, it will introduce you to the books that you will find in Catholic Bibles, but not in your Bible. It will also help you begin to appreciate the Catholic interpretive tradition in engaging with the Bible.
Most episodes are about 20 mins each; which makes it do-able. The only episodes that are longer are two that introduce the series and a few that introduce each section of the timeline of the Bible.

You can watch the series on YouTube here or listen to it in your favourite podcast App:

‘The Catechism in a Year’ podcast, is another great resource to help you dive more deeply into the Catholic faith. It is a great way to work through the Catechism in bite-sized pieces and with some guidance. 

Most episodes are about 15-20 minutes long, except for four of them, which introduce each of the four ‘pillars’ of the Catechism.

As you work through the Catechism, you will discover the roots of Catholic belief and practice in Scripture and in the Apostolic Tradition flowing from the lives and teaching of the church fathers and Catholic saints.

‘The Catechism in a Year’ is also available on all major podcast platforms.

You can watch the series on YouTube here:

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It’s Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. It can be so much more!

Renewal in our journey to the destination of love

This year, we have a rare occurrence, where Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday coincide. Some see these two occasions as competing and conflicting with one another. How can celebrating Valentine’s Day – which is often associated with special gifts and food – go together with Ash Wednesday – which is a day of fasting and abstinence? I would like to propose that this is actually a God-sent opportunity to give us a deeper insight about – and perhaps a bit of correction to – the beliefs we hold about each occasion. For both occasions call us to: Renewal in our journey to the destination of love.

Love Your Enemies?

Today, I want to summarise the heart /disposition behind Jesus’ call to non-violent resistance – love for our enemies! It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but a radical call for all those who would follow Jesus – with his grace – all the way.