Is God bigger than an elephant?


Questions from kids about God

From a 4-yr old girl: Is God bigger than an elephant?

Think about this: say you’ve got a dog, a horse and an elephant – you’ve got big, bigger, biggest. That’s the way we look at the world.

Now it’s not like you’ve got a dog, a horse, an elephant and then there’s God – He’s the biggest thing of all. Don’t think about it that way, because that makes God as one thing among many – just a creature within the world.

Rather, God is the Creator of all things. So He creates the dog, the horse, the elephant and everything else that exists. And so of course, in that sense, God is bigger or greater than anything that he makes.

But don’t think of him as just one big thing wandering around. He’s greater than any creature, because he makes all creatures.


Credit: ‘Word on Fire’ Kids Q&A with Bishop Barron

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