Latest Past Events

Questions for Jesus e-Course


Do you desire to grow in intimacy with Jesus and confidence in hearing his voice? This interactive, practical online course will deepen your heart-to-heart connection with Jesus and your understanding of the desires of your heart by teaching you how to pray from your desires.


‘The Marriage Course’ Online


‘The Marriage Course’ Online offers practical tools for couples wanting to build a strong marriage. Some come to invest in an already strong relationship; others come with a need to address specific challenges that they’re facing. You will watch a film about different aspects of marriage, broken up by times for discussion as a couple. And all your conversations are completely private; there’s no group work.


‘Kerygma Australia’ Online Gathering


This is an online space where those who are already partnering with us as 'Kerygma Australia' or those who would like to explore that possibility can connect with us and one another. Join us online over Zoom for a fun activity, a chat, an encouragement & time of prayer.