Partnerships – A core value of ‘Kerygma’


Kerygma was asked to help train Catholics to evangelise during the London Olympics. The Joshua Camp – a gathering of Catholics who came to London to evangelise during the Olympics there, was part of an overall strategy of Christians from many traditions, evangelising together at the Olympics.

One of Kerygma’s core values is ‘Partnership’. We have a high regard for working together with other Christian ministries, movements and groups.  As a result, much of our training and outreach opportunities are collaborative efforts, or so-called ‘partnership programs’.

If you are interested in partnering with us in working with Catholics in Australia, please email us

Catholics evangelising on the streets of London
Catholics evangelising on the streets of London
Street evangelism - with the homeless
Street evangelism – with the homeless

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Witnesses of Jesus’ Resurrection

The theme of ‘witnesses’ – people who’ve experienced something – speaks to something that is really distinctive to the Christian faith. Christianity is not a philosophy – though it can incorporate philosophy; it’s not primarily a mysticism – though it can incorporate mysticism; it’s not a religion that comes welling up out of natural experience – though it can accommodate that. Christianity is about something that happened; and there were witnesses of it. Without that, Christianity falls apart.

Evidence of the Resurrection

What is the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead? I want to focus on just one feature that John the Apostle especially draws attention to in his gospel account – namely, the burial cloths left behind in the tomb.