When even good things become a burden


When even good things become a burden!

The other day I was chatting with a friend who’s spent a lot of time and effort in decorating his place for Christmas. He made this interesting comment: It’s become an addiction! I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to do more.

What makes me vulnerable to addictions? What is it that corrupts even the beautiful things of life that belong to celebrations? Gifts, decorations, meals, parties can be wonderful expressions of joy and celebration. But they can so easily become twisted and instead end up becoming burdens of heavy expectations which weigh me down; addictions that drive me and rob me of joy.

I have come to realise more and more, that when I seek to fill the longings of my heart (e.g. for joy, peace, belonging, love, adventure, significance etc.) with outcomes /things /relationships, it tends to backfire and I get even less of what I want. I need to go back to the Source – the only one who can satisfy the longings of my heart, in a relationship of love and trust – God himself. 

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What’s your understanding of the church?

The Bible uses various images to describe the church, to help us understand its many facets. When I came across this meme a few years back, it stayed with me, because it helped me better understand the church as a type of ‘spiritual gym’ which I am a part of, because it’s a space where I can receive God and other people’s help, to keep working on my many dysfunctions and become healthier over time. It also helps overcome false images of the church – like the understanding that it is an exclusive club for those who claim to be perfect or morally superior than others.

Growing in a Relationship of Mercy as couples

Through experiencing my wife’s love when I fail /least deserve it, has made me more grateful for our relationship, because it has taken away the fear of being punished /rejected for my failures. I also feel closer to her as a result. And it has helped me to become more merciful myself.

Witnesses of Jesus’ Resurrection

The theme of ‘witnesses’ – people who’ve experienced something – speaks to something that is really distinctive to the Christian faith. Christianity is not a philosophy – though it can incorporate philosophy; it’s not primarily a mysticism – though it can incorporate mysticism; it’s not a religion that comes welling up out of natural experience – though it can accommodate that. Christianity is about something that happened; and there were witnesses of it. Without that, Christianity falls apart.