When even good things become a burden


When even good things become a burden!

The other day I was chatting with a friend who’s spent a lot of time and effort in decorating his place for Christmas. He made this interesting comment: It’s become an addiction! I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to do more.

What makes me vulnerable to addictions? What is it that corrupts even the beautiful things of life that belong to celebrations? Gifts, decorations, meals, parties can be wonderful expressions of joy and celebration. But they can so easily become twisted and instead end up becoming burdens of heavy expectations which weigh me down; addictions that drive me and rob me of joy.

I have come to realise more and more, that when I seek to fill the longings of my heart (e.g. for joy, peace, belonging, love, adventure, significance etc.) with outcomes /things /relationships, it tends to backfire and I get even less of what I want. I need to go back to the Source – the only one who can satisfy the longings of my heart, in a relationship of love and trust – God himself. 

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This year, we have a rare occurrence, where Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday coincide. Some see these two occasions as competing and conflicting with one another. How can celebrating Valentine’s Day – which is often associated with special gifts and food – go together with Ash Wednesday – which is a day of fasting and abstinence? I would like to propose that this is actually a God-sent opportunity to give us a deeper insight about – and perhaps a bit of correction to – the beliefs we hold about each occasion. For both occasions call us to: Renewal in our journey to the destination of love.

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Today, I want to summarise the heart /disposition behind Jesus’ call to non-violent resistance – love for our enemies! It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but a radical call for all those who would follow Jesus – with his grace – all the way.