When you feel like a ‘DIY Fail’


Do you ever feel like a “DIY Fail”? A DIY (or Do-It-Yourself) Fail is a popular term that describes what happens when you work really hard on a project or a craft that you have seen on the internet or TV – but you just can’t make it work. The finished product often looks like a messed-up imitation of the original version you were aiming for. As people, we may sometimes look at ourselves as DIY fails. We look at the “perfect” people around us and wonder why we make so many mistakes or allow ourselves to be seduced by false ideas.

When you feel like a ‘DIY Fail’

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You aren’t the first person to feel this way, especially during the rush of the Christmas season! Peter – the leader of Jesus’ twelve disciples, despite his best intentions, denied him three times out of fear, when Jesus was being tried by a ‘kangaroo court’. And when after his resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples, Thomas who was not present doubted that his friends had truly seen Jesus.

Zechariah was another “DIY fail.” He was a guy who always tried to do the right thing. But when an angel came to tell him that his prayers had been answered and his elderly wife would have a child, he doubted. But the amazing thing is that God sent Zechariah’s son – John the Baptist – to convince us that no matter how bad of a “DIY fail” we become, God will always take us back. God knew that we needed to hear that he loves us so much that he will always have compassion on us when we turn to him.

That’s the GOOD NEWS of Christmas! God made himself small like us – you and me – and entered into the experience of all the challenges we face in our world, to tell us that he understands and is with us and for us, in whatever we’re going through. With only two days until Christmas, he wants you to break free from whatever failures may be burdening you and keeping you trapped in silence, by turning in trust to his love & compassion for you. He’s inviting you to come out of the ‘small room’ of your own disappointed expectations or the expectations of others – where everything depends on you and your resources, abilities & performance. Come out into the wide space of connecting with Jesus and trusting that He has a good plan for you and is preparing you for it.

It’s only natural to have occasions when you fail at trusting God; but use it as an opportunity to grow closer to him. When Zechariah was freed from the burden of his doubts and unbelief, he broke into song. That can happen to you! So, place your hope and trust in Jesus this Christmas. Ask him for forgiveness where needed. Then you’ll find a new song in your heart.

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