Growing In Love From The Heart

Who Are We?

As Kerygma Australia, we believe that loving from the heart matters, whether it has to do with:

  • Relationship with God
  • Relationships as couples & families
  • Relationships within the church family
  • Relationships for a better world

So, we seek to grow and empower others to grow in these spheres of relationships.

We invite you to join us on this journey of growing in love from the heart.

Kerygma Australia is a branch of ‘Kerygma’ and a part of the ‘YWAM’ global family of ministries. In Australia, ‘YWAM Canberra’ is our home community.

Join Us for An Upcoming Opportunity

‘Growing Closer'

These monthly relationship workshops, are designed to give you as a couple, an enjoyable experience of growing closer to each other. Couples say they love this, because it isn’t just listening and watching but actually doing something right there and then for your own relationship.

Join us in Prayer

Through the year, we will highlight different opportunities to join us in prayer. Please take a moment to click on the button below, to learn more about our current prayer focus and how you can pray with us. You might want to take these points for prayer, into your times of Intercession or Adoration.

What People Are Saying About Us

Food For Your Heart

Go An Extra Mile?

Today, we continue with the third example that Jesus gives, that confirm his call to non-violent resistance: “And if one of the occupation troops forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it for two.”

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The Story of Brother Roger and Taizé

Without humiliating anyone, without becoming a symbol of denial for anyone, Brother Roger believed that it is possible to embrace within oneself the attention to the word of God so profoundly lived in the Reform tradition, the treasures of the spirituality of the Orthodox tradition, and all the charisms of communion of the Catholic Church, all the while, daily putting one’s trust in the mystery of faith.

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Give Your Undergarment As Well?

Today, we continue with the second of the three examples that Jesus gives, that confirm his call to non-violent resistance : “And if anyone sues you for your outer garment give your undergarment as well.”

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